Alex Hoff | RSS Patient Care App
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RSS Patient Care App

A tablet-based medical rounding app for nurse managers, designed to support UCDMC’s patient-first care philosophy.

Lead Product Designer


Risk & Safety Solutions

Project Type

UX/UI, Proof of Concept, Prototyping

Product Design
About This Project

RSS Patient Care was a proof of concept prototype created for nurses and nurse managers to use during hospital rounding. Along with product managers, I designed the concept for this app based on a few problems: nurse managers at the hospitals we observed were trying to maintain an unobstructed personal connection with their patients, which necessitated using less technology during rounding, while also attempting to make their rounds more efficient. This iPad-based app aimed to minimize the need to interact with the app while talking with the patient, while also having built-in integration with the hospitals’ patient concern routing systems, as well as medical charts.