Alex Hoff | David Donn Consulting, Inc.
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David Donn Consulting, Inc.

A half-page print ad for placement in the April 23, 2013 edition of Business Insurance magazine.

Freelance Graphic Designer


David Donn Consulting, Inc.

Project Type

Print, Advertising

Marketing, Other Projects, Print
About This Project

David Donn Consulting, Inc. decided to have an ad designed for print publications in March 2013, so I created this half-page ad, which ran in the April 23, 2013 edition of Business Insurance magazine (shown below). In addition to the ad design, I wrote the tagline (based on the client’s original concept), supervised the photo shoot, and worked closely with the media coordinator for Business Insurance. I also designed two email announcements for David Donn Consulting, Inc., which were sent in November 2013.