Alex Hoff | Philo Live Player Details
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Philo Live Player Details

A hackweek project to add a detail view to the live video player experience.

Lead Product Designer



Project Type

UX/UI, User Research, TV/10'

Other Projects, Prototyping, User Research, UX/UI
About This Project

As a hackweek project idea, I designed a potential solution to a problem we’d discovered with the live video player that launches from the guide: in its current iteration, the player doesn’t launch directly from the guide, but first opens an obtrusive “Big Tile” detail view. The experience had proven confusing and annoying to users who simply wanted to watch the programming on the guide without having to click into one more screen, but without the big tile, there was no way to see program details from the live player.


My solution was to design a “half-sheet” (more of a “third-sheet” on web), which would show automatically once the user had clicked into the player, have more limited button options, and disappear after a set amount of time of no interaction. I worked with a developer to implement it on the web as a proof of concept. The proposed feature is slated to be developed in full in late 2023.