Alex Hoff | Grammar Coach Redesign
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Grammar Coach Redesign

Grammar Coach 2.0, the redesigned writing tool, improved the user experience with a streamlined interface, more intuitive features, and enhanced functionality.

Lead Product Designer


Project Type

UX/UI, User Research

Product Design
About This Project

Grammar Coach, the product for which I led the design effort during my tenure at, is a writing and grammar correction tool based on machine learning. I worked with an amazing and talented team on this product, including both frontend devs and machine learning engineers. After adding multiple new features to the existing tool’s design, including an inclusive language category, robust plagiarism checking feature, and new checkout flow for subscriptions, I redesigned the product to make it more visually appealing, usable, and scalable for even more new features. My redesigned version of Grammar Coach launched shortly after I left, in August 2022.