Alex Hoff | About
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About me.

About me.

I’m a Northern California native, born in the Bay Area and raised in Davis. After living in Seattle for several years during and after college, I moved to San Francisco in 2012 to pursue a career in design, which I did while completing my MFA in Interactive & UI/UX Design at Academy of Art University. In the past decade, I’ve had the opportunity to work on design in multiple industries, including compliance, health and wellness, TV streaming, and edtech.

Design has been a lifelong passion for me; I taught myself to code and use Photoshop, and began designing websites during the early days of Geocities. Since then, I’ve evolved with the tech, designing for responsive web, mobile, and 10-foot devices. Regardless of the technology, my focus has always been on the user’s experience, always taking into consideration inclusion and accessibility, and placing a high value on ethical design.

Aside from design, some of my favorite things include hanging out with my goofy 13-year-old dog, Bella; world traveling, preferably the solo variety; photography, particularly in black & white; singing/songwriting (I’m on Spotify and Apple Music), and music in general; learning new languages (so far: Spanish, French, Russian, and Italian).

Find me on LinkedIn, contact me via email, and see more about my professional experience: